Case Studies


Technology, Media and Telecom are key drivers of change in today’s economy and society, with the rapid pace of technological advancement impacting all factors of life. ABE is working with some of the main players, including multinational brands and highly-specialized niche vendors, spearheading the latest developments in TMT.Our experience includes the following:

  • Operational audit and strategic positioning for a major Asian handset vendor
  • Market landscape study of the Scandinavian telecoms market
  • Facilitation of a War Game for a major European fixed and mobile operator
  • Establishing a new intelligence capability for a European operator
  • Analysis of customer acquisition strategies of global online subscription services
  • Annual attendance of Mobile World Congress to analyse trends in mobile technology
  • Review of the latest server and storage offerings amongst key global IT vendors

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Life Sciences

ABE works with major pharmaceutical and healthcare technology vendors to research and analyze the latest developments in their fields. We help our clients navigate an increasingly competitive market environment.Our team is specialized in gathering scientific as well as commercial information through secondary and primary intelligence. We track pipeline and product developments to help our clients understand their relative market position in the development life cycle. ABE also attends global medical conferences to speak to key opinion leaders, principal investigators, and pharmaceutical company representatives. Our experience includes the following:

  • Monitoring the status of global biosimilars product development
  • Preparing and facilitating a Strategic Game to support a new product launch in a highly competitive market
  • Attendance at oncology medical conferences to review commercial launch strategies for the latest treatments
  • Analyse the imminent go-to-market strategies of new biosimilars players for the innovator
  • Research into latest treatments for multiple scleroses
  • Improving the operational efficiency of intelligence dissemination within a health care company

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Other Industries

Given the transferability of our research and analysis skills, ABE works in numerous other industries, such as consumer goods, manufacturing, nutrition, aerospace, travel and education. We have helped our clients identify new markets, improve relationship with their customers and partners and understand their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.