Our Services

Market Analysis and Strategic Positioning

ABE gathers information about markets, industries and key players to help transform research into intelligence that forms the foundation of strategic decisions. We also provide market entry research and product positioning strategy to help our clients make operational and development decisions when targeting a new geographical market or market segment. Other services include support in understanding customer perceptions, likes and dislikes of brands and products in order to evaluate and improve your own customer relationship. We are engaged in quick-turnaround projects as well as long-term monitoring assignments.

ABE’s team has extensive experience across many industries, including TMT [technology, media and telecommunications] and life sciences, but also other industries such as consumer goods and manufacturing, and our multilingual skills enable us to focus on specific countries of interest with local presence.

Strategic Gaming

Strategic Games are facilitated workshops (e.g. war games and scenario analysis), which adapt the art of simulating moves and counter-moves in a commercial setting. ABE prepares, facilitates and analyses the outcome of Strategic Games for their clients. The preparation for a Strategic Game consists of a primary and secondary research study to provide participants with a deep understanding of their market environment and key players. Strategic Games usually take place off-site over a two-day period. ABE’s facilitators have experience in running Strategic Games globally within multiple industries, consistently delivering valuable insights and an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Operational Audits

Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge by disseminating intelligence in the right way is the key to improving a company’s understanding of their market environment and responding to competitive actions. ABE has conducted company-wide audits to improve the organization structure and reporting lines in order to make the process of gathering and assembling information and extracting actionable insights more efficiently and effectively.ABE’s auditors have experience in interviewing key personnel at all levels to establish their intelligence needs and identify weaknesses in their current structure. We specifically uncover the following:

  1. What intelligence needs do you have and are you getting it on time?
  2. What intelligence do you have that is useful to others in the company?
  3. How do you get this to those who need it?
  4. How efficiently and effectively is intelligence acted upon?

ABE presents the analysis of these interviews and delivers a new design of communication flow and resource optimization.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence goes a step beyond classical market information. It uses video and multimedia tools to help our clients understand their customers, markets, and competitors. ABE works with a network of multimedia professionals to provide our clients with visual references of vital market information. In a world where an abundance of information is freely available, the way data is collected and presented makes all the difference. Visual Intelligence tools transform complex data into impactful insights.